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The World Clean Enterprise for General Cleaning & Maintenance was established in 2014, since then we are in the sake of building mutual trustworthy relation- ships with our clientele, through highly and effective services fulfilling their satisfaction. It is an honor to introduce our provided services, indeed, accuracy and quality as main characteristics of our duty. The World Clean Enterprise for General Cleaning and Maintenance serves the priority of well express services, 
thanks to the latest tools and equipment that the Enterprise employed. 
Further, the World Clean Enterprise for General Cleaning & Maintenance trainee 
laborers remarkably contribute in a dynamic way to provide such express facili- ties with regard to our work field for those who interest to do work with the enterprise. 

Cleaning Building Windows
Cleaning the Counter


Our Mission is to reach a great position among other competitors in the market with our highly qualified services and to gain customer trust. 
The era we lived in, we witness an urbanization evolution, which goes through extensions, in the form the expansion of those buildings, skyscrapers, world trade centers and residential areas etc.; in fact and in the scope of this evolution, it activates the necessity of general cleaning and maintenance 
Therefore, the World Clean Enterprise for General Cleaning & Maintenance arise to illustrate a good example and becomes a leader enterprise in the field of general cleaning and maintenance .Undoubtedly, this has seemed to be clear in terms of satisfactory announcements of our clientele and their appreciation to the quality of the provided services. Thus, it briefs about that expertise account for our experiences. Our enterprise considered an optimal enterprise comparing to other enterprises performing general cleaning and maintenance. 

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who we are and why we are different ?! 
I Started The World Clean Enterprise for General Cleaning & Maintenance back in 2014, because i saw a gap in the market.. people wanted quality, reliable and honest service and that's what we have sat out to do.. our model is we love cleaning so you dont have to do!! as a professional cleaning & maintenance company we understand your needs and spend time detailing your space to our standard. We are very particular about who we hire our specialist have gone through ongoing review to insure that they are constantly performing and paid well for the work they do. We serve clients reqularly and make sure they are pleased form our services.. 

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